The Winter 2017 issue of our grant-funded Parenting Calendar is now
online, at

This issue lists:
-- All the parenting courses and related events that we are aware of
in the central Puget Sound area starting in January, February, and
--Ongoing support groups, and
--Online resources, parent coaches and mentors, special topics, and
facilitator trainings.

If you are new to the calendar, please know that it is a resource for
parents, counselors, school counselors, social workers, and other
people interested in helping improve family relationships.  We hope
it will be useful to you and would appreciate your sharing it with
others.  We have a tiny budget, and word-of-mouth is the best

If you are a parent, we suggest that you look for a course or support
group that helps you learn to "work WITH" rather than "do TO" kids.

Research is showing that courses that help families strengthen
mutually respectful relationships ("working WITH") are likely to
produce better long-term results than courses that focus on reward
and punishment ("doing TO"). These results include better mental and
physical health in their children's mid life, and greater longevity.
(Please see p. 1 of the calendar for a couple of important references
on this subject.)

Adlerian-based courses and groups are in the "work WITH" category and
are highlighted in blue in the calendar.

We suggest that you not print out the calendar, since it is nearly 50
pages long and it changes every few days. New information comes in
frequently, and we add it promptly. (Remember to hit your "refresh"
button to get the latest version.)

If you are a sponsor or presenter and missed sending us information,
please send it as soon as you can.

Also, please use the "find" function on your computer to check the
listings we have for you or your agency.  If you spot mistakes or
omissions, kindly let us know.

Our thanks to everyone who provided information for this issue, and
to the Horizons Foundation for funding for the school year 2016-17.

The calendar is very much a team effort.  We hope all of us together
can help improve family life in our little part of the world.

Have a wonderful winter!

Ann Skutt
PSAS Coordinator
[email protected]