Criteria for Awarding the NASAP Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology:

 1. Education: minimum of a Masters Degree (or its equivalent) in the career field of the applicant, e.g. Counseling, Education, Business Administration, Social Work, Sociology, Medicine, Psychology, Theology. 

2. NASAP Affiliation: 8 years as a General Member of NASAP ( need not be consecutive). The candidate must be a general member at the time of application and must continue membership at the general level to maintain this designation. 

3. Adlerian Training: 90 hours of documented study or training in Adlerian Psychology.  This requirement may be met in various ways including any combination of the following adding up to minimum of 90 hours: 

 • Completion of the current NASAP Certificate of Study Program

 • Graduation from a recognized Adlerian-based Institution: School, University Department or Institute, e.g. Bowie State, The Adler Schools, AIAS, AAI-San Francisco. 

 • 90 hours documented in any of the following professional training experiences

Attendance of Adlerian Based Programs, Workshops or Classes from a recognized School, Institute, or            Continuing Education Provider, e.g. NASAP Convention, Regional Conference, Adlerian Institute, ICASSI, the International Conference.   

 • 90 hours of documented participation in one to one or small group supervision with a qualified Adlerian-based professional

4. Application of Adlerian Psychology: minimum of 8 years applying Adlerian Psychology within one's career field. 

5. Adlerian Presentations as evidenced by the presentation (or co-presentation) of a minimum of 4 Adlerian-based programs or workshops at a NASAP Conference or other professional conference.  It is expected that the presentations be in diverse content areas. 

6. Adlerian Publications: contributing to Adlerian literature by authoring (or co-authoring) a minimum of 2 Adlerian oriented publications, e.g. journal articles, chapters, books, videos. 

7. Contribution to the Growth and Development of Adlerian Psychology : minimum of 3 years of leadership in local, national, or international Adlerian activities or organizations, e.g. participation in NASAP governance, official involvement in local, regional or international Adlerian organizations. 


Application and Award Process: 

✓ To obtain an application in MS Word - DOWNLOAD HERE; For PDF version - DOWNLOAD HERE or call, write, fax or email NASAP and request a “Diplomate Application”. 

✓ Fee:  $250 one time application fee (there are no additional or renewal fees; however, continued membership in NASAP is a requirement). 

 ✓ Members awarded the Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology will receive a Diplomate Certificate, be recognized in the “NASAP News” and at the NASAP Annual Conference. 


Send Application and fee to:  NASAP, 117 Hedgewood Lane, Canton, GA 30115

E-mail: [email protected]