Presentations on Friday or Saturday


Using Adlerian Psychology Techniques to Facilitate the  Healing of Addictions Mark Blagen

Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: Counseling the Loved Ones of Addicts, Candace Plattor


A Pre-marriage Proposal:  Getting Ready the Adlerian Way, Joyce Poley

For Better and Forever: An Adlerian Prescription for a   Premarital Preparation Program, Jill Duba Sauerheber, Mark Britzman

No Fault Marital Assessment, Steven Stein


Perfect Courage is the Courage to Accept our Disabilities, Tim Hartshorne

Encouragement Makes Good Things Happen, John "Jack" Huber

Our “Encouraging Social” Brain, Patricia Kyle & Linda Page

Utilizing Therapeutic Encouragement in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Wes Wingett


Understanding Gender and its Impact  in Clinical Practice, Marion Balla

Does History Have a Gender? Listening to Women's Voices in the History of Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, Marina Bluvshtein, Carla Anton, Pamela Oberoi

Integration of Adlerian Psychology and Other Approaches

Thoughtfulness and Mindfulness in the Pause between Listening and Speaking, Jim Bitter and Jil Duba Sauerheber

Practical Application of the Integrated Developmental Model in Adlerian Supervision, Jennifer Bornsheuer and Richard Watts

Albert Ellis Centennial Session: The Gift To Us From This Master Healer who Healed Himself, Debbie Joffe Ellis

Motivation Modification: Encouraging Change from Within, Lois Ingber

Adler: His Theory, Integration, and Use, Richard Watts, Amanda LaGuardia and Mary Nichter

Organizational Development Applications of Adlerian Psychology

Adlerian Psychology and Organizational Development, Jay Colker

Encouragement at work: What are the barriers and the benefits? Eva Dreikurs Ferguson

Leadership Styles and the BASIS-A, William Premo

Belonging in the Workplace, Frederick Wils

Therapy and Counseling Applications of Adlerian Psychology

Encouraging the Use of Life Tasks as an Effective Strategy in Clinical Practice, Marion Balla

Advanced Adlerian Strategies To Use With Clients with Eating Disorders, Susan Belangee and Liza Finlay

Counseling Techniques for Behavior Change, Susan Pye Brokaw

Dawn of Memories: A Systematic Approach for Interpreting Early Recollections, Art Clark & Carrie Butler

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One: Personal and Professional Perspectives, Teal Maedel & Debbie Joffe Ellis

Career Counseling the Sandwich Generation from an Adlerian Perspective, Michele Frey and Thomasina Odom

Belonging as a Key to Mental Health: Integrating Lifestyle and Early Recollections to Uncover a Client’s Way of Belonging, Michele Frey, Felice Martin, Mary Lynn Savelle, Therese Wyatt

'I Spent Three Years Looking for My Watch Today,' Rob Guttenberg

Using Early Recollections to Reveal Therapist Default Style of Helping, Catherine Hedberg

Early Recollections - A  Classic Adlerian Technique, Mary Jamin Maguire

Power Tools for People with Chronic Illness, Their Caregivers, and Health Care Providers, Sherry Merriam

ADHD and Use of the Most Memorable Observation to Understand Choice of Parenting Style, Frank Walton

The Purpose of Pain: Embracing the Movement of Life, Gary Bauman

The Role DSM-5 in Adlerian Case Conceptualization, Rocky Garrison & Dan Eckstein

Adventure Based Counseling: A Crash Course, Korey Watkins

Using Pattern Recognition to Develop Effective Adlerian Case Conceptualizations and Treatment Plans, Len Sperry and Jon Sperry

Early Recollections: From Story to Solution, Wes Wingett

Parenting and Family Applications of Adlerian Psychology

Why Don't My Kids Listen to Me? Patti Cancellier

Open Forum Counseling Demonstration, Barbara Fairfield

Positive Discipline: Adlerian Tools for Helping Children Develop Important Life Skills, Kelly Gfroerer, Jane Nelsen & Roy Kern

Sold Out! PEP's Unique Can Do Kids' Fair, Igniting Social Interest in All Ages, Linda Jessup & Cheryl Wieker

Fostering Interventions Using Belonging within the Foster Care System, Brianna Wormley & Natalia Kaczmarek

Keystones for Children to Thrive, Terry Lowe

Family Education for Healing the World, Jody McVittie

Parent Education- Combining Fun and Facts, Char Wenc

School and Classroom Applications of Individual Psychology

Analyzing the Bully, Adam Arnold

From the Cradle On: Nurturing Encouragement and Attachment in Early Childhood Education, Cheryl Erwin

How to improve student academic and social performance with Individual Psychology approaches, Greg Brigman, Elizabeth Villares and Linda Webb

The Price of Poverty & the Price of Privilege: How the Emotional Connectivity is Increasingly Similar, Julie Chancler

Lessons in Safe Optimism and Encouragement for K-12 Students, Joyce DeVoss

The four directions and seven methods of encouragement: an experiential workshop, Dan Eckstein

Integrating Adler into the Classroom, Vicki Hoefle

Teaching Positive Discipline in an Islamic School, Tammy Keces

Doing the Right Thing When No One is Looking, Jody McVittie

Spirituality: An Adlerian Approach

Using Adlerian Spiritual Concepts in Clinical Work, Sharon Cheston

Suffering, Will to Power & Healing: A Tradition of Adler and Nietzsche, Julia Yang

Teaching Individual Psychology

Let’s Examine You and Me: Socratic Dialogues in a Polysynchronous Learning Environment, Marina Bluvshtein

Reaching Out to Heal the World: Taking Adler Abroad, John F. Newbauer, LaFountain, Rasmussen, Walton, Yang

Professors' Forum, Steve Saiz (to be named)

Teaching College Students How to Assess their own Life Styles, Les White

Teaching Family Centered Coaching to Graduate Students, Kim Allen


Adlerian Empathy and Insight as Catalysts for Change with Trauma Clients, Sharon Cheston

Preventing Secondary Traumatic Stress and Building Resiliency: Organizational Responses, Denise Hall

Adlerian Trauma Centered Art Therapy, Marni Rosen Saltzman

Adlerian Theory and Research

An Introduction to Adlerian Psychology, Jim Bitter and Teal Maedel

Diversity and Birth Order: Applying Adlerian Theory to Clinical Practice, Leigh Johnson-Migalski, Korey Watkins, Bernadette Santiago, Jasmine Jones, Poeja Shastri

Early Recollections of Urban Youth, Ben Rader

The Styles of Resilience Questionnaire: an Adlerian Measure of Resilience, Ben Rader

Development and Analysis of the Adlerian Eating Disorder Assessment (AEDA), Sterling Travis

Reflections on Adlerian Theory: Panelist Discussion of the Past, Present, and Future, Richard Watts, Jim Bitter, Paul Rasmussen & Amanda LaGuardia

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