“An Introduction to Adlerian Psychology”

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North American Society of Adlerian Psychology

 “An Introduction to

Adlerian Psychology”

Course Overview:  This 20 CE course is an in-depth introduction to Adlerian Psychology.  The course activities include reading Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson’s book, Adlerian Theory: An Introduction, and listening to the five CDs of NASAP conference presentations of “An Introduction to Adlerian Psychology.”  Each lecture is approximately 60 minutes long.  In order to fulfill the requirements for this course, you will write a short summary/reflection paper (see below) after listening to each of the lectures. 

Course Materials:  Upon receipt of your course request form and fee, you will be sent a copy of:       Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson’s book, Adlerian Theory: An Introduction, and a set of five conference lectures on CD:

  NASAP 1990 – Jane Griffith

  NASAP 1992 – Frank Walton

  NASAP 1993 – Clair Hawes

  NASAP 1995 – Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson

  NASAP 1999 – Steven Maybell

Course Fee:  The fee for this course is $165 ($125 for NASAP members) which includes all course materials, a review of your summary/reflection papers, and a certificate of completion.

Mail Fees to: To begin the course, mail your fees to NASAP and you will receive the study package containing the CD's and reading material.  Send your request to begin the home study course along with your fee to: 



429 E. Dupont Road, #276

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Course Activities: 

Begin your course by reading Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson’s book, Adlerian Theory: An Introduction.  As you listen to each lecture, you will have opportunities to reference the content of the book, so you do not need to study it in depth on the first reading.

When you have finished the book, listen to one of the lecture CD’s. When completed, write a short summary/reflection paper about what you have learned and what you think about what you have learned (see format noted below*). 

Submit the paper to Dr. Joyce DeVoss at  If you prefer to submit a hard copy, please email Dr. DeVoss for her mailing address.

Listen to the second lecture (your choice).  This time, when you write your paper, expand on what you have learned about Adlerian Psychology.  Write what you have learned (one page or so) and what you think about what you have learned (one more page or so).  Submit this second paper to Dr. Joyce DeVoss.

Do the same with the third lecture, continuing to expand on what you know.  Submit that paper. 

Proceed with the fourth and fifth lecture in the same manner. 

Papers sent by email will receive a confirmation of receipt within a few days; those by regular mail within a few weeks.


Summary/Reflection Papers  –  Papers should consist of three parts: 

  1. Summary – Write two or more paragraphs highlighting what you learned from the audiotape.
  2. Scholarship – Write two or more paragraphs focused on how the content of the audiotape related to concepts you read about in Eva Dreikurs-Ferguson’s book, Adlerian Theory: An Introduction.  Be sure to include page references.
  3. Personal Meaning – Write two or more paragraphs which focus on your thinking about your thinking.  Identify how things make sense to you or add meaning to your life or work and are not just merely reactions to what you learned.

Just a brief thought!  Paragraphs should consist of at least three, maybe four, sentences!  Papers, in terms of total length, need not be longer than a couple of pages, double-spaced.

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