This page contains articles and handouts that members have allowed us to publish on the page.  They should be treated as copyrighted.  They are the property of the authors but now being shared for others to see and review.  Any use of the materials should contain reference to the author with appropriate credit given to the source. 

Daniel Eckstein - Six Types of Counseling Metaphors - This is a powerpoint presentation by Daniel. 

Daniel Eckstein - Into the Woods - Journal Article

Timothy S. Hartshorne - Mistaking Courage for Denial:  Family Resilience After the Birth of a Child with Severe Disabilities.  (JIP V58 (3), 2002)

Another excellent resource on this topic is:  Hartshorne, T. S., Schafer, A., Stratton, K. K., Nacarato, T. M. (2013). Family Resilience Relative to Children with Severe Disabilities.  In D. S. Becvar (Ed). Handbook of Family Resilience  (Part 5, 361-383). New York: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-3917-2_21.  This is available from Tim at  

John F. Newbauer - Social Interest, Spirituality and Ethics - This is a powerpoint presentation by John