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Daniel Eckstein - Six Types of Counseling Metaphors - This is a powerpoint presentation 

Daniel Eckstein - Into the Woods - Journal Article

Timothy S. Hartshorne - Mistaking Courage for Denial:  Family Resilience After the Birth of a Child with Severe Disabilities.  (JIP V58 (3), 2002)

Another excellent resource on this topic is:  Hartshorne, T. S., Schafer, A., Stratton, K. K., Nacarato, T. M. (2013). Family Resilience Relative to Children with Severe Disabilities.  In D. S. Becvar (Ed). Handbook of Family Resilience  (Part 5, 361-383). New York: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-3917-2_21.  This is available from Tim at  

John F. Newbauer - Social Interest, Spirituality and Ethics - This is a powerpoint presentation by John