There's an App for that!

Yes, there's an App for your NASAP membership information.  It's available now only for the iPhone but hopefully they will put one out soon for the Android.  This is published by Memberclicks, the association management system that produces the association management software that we use.  

Get the iPhone App at this location:

The App looks like this:

You log in with NASAP as the Organization ID and your Username and Password that were given to you.  Remember, you can change your username and password to make them easier to remember once you log in to Memberclicks Members Only area. and click on EDIT MY PROFILE.  

Once you login you see a page like this:

Notice that you can view your profile, look at events coming up, review articles that may be on the member's area (if there are any) and you have your NASAP directory at your fingertips.  Below is a snapshot of what your profile may look like - although it would hopefully have your picture instead of the one below - but you have to upload your picture in order for it to be there - that way you can decide if it's the one you want or not.  

Below is a picture of the Directory as it would appear.  You can email or phone people directly from your iPhone by clicking on their phone number or email address.  Very handy.  The one thing I don't like is that they are in alphabetical order by their first names.  

So enjoy your new app.  It's free from Memberclicks at:

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